Do you have freakishly long hair? Read here for great styles!

Ok, When I was about 10 or 10 1/2, I had freakishly long hair and all I wore was a ponytail! The one day, I was getting tired of always wearing a ponytail, So I went in my bathroom, and styled my hair up with all of these fun styles!


Half down - Half Up hairstyle (Straight)

Basicly, You just have half of your hair up, and half of it down. People wear it many ways Heres a way I like to wear mine :3



Things needed:


- Brush/Comb (Big, Small) 

- Flat iron (optional)

- 2 Bows (or) 2 rubberbands

- Hairspray (optional)

- Gel (optional)

- Bobby Pin (optional)

  1. Comb your hair with a Big Comb, Even your bangs, If you don't have a Big Comb, a Small Comb would be fine.
  2. Devide your hair, put the half at the bottom in a ponytail so it cant get in the way.
  3. Take your small comb or fingers, and slide it on each side of your head, stay close to the top of your ears if you want that nice volume!
  4. Take down the ponytail at the bottom, and comb it with the Big Comb (or small comb)
  5. Then spray a light amount of hairspray
  6. If you have bangs, curl them with the flat iron, and wear them as side bangs if you want :)
  7. For the finishing look, accesories with a headband or a flower in your hair.


French Braid

My hair is too short for me to do. But this hairstyle is one of my favorites. Sometimes it takes someone else to do it for you and some people know how to do it by their selfs!


Things needed: 

- Paddle brush (or) A brush

- Rubberband 


  1. Start by brushing your hair with a paddle brush to smooth it and remove any knots, then use your fingers to separate a two-inch section of hair from your hairline back to the crown.
  2. Use your fingers to divide the piece into three equal sections and begin braiding by crossing the strand in your right hand over the strand in the middle. The right strand should now be the middle strand. Then, cross the left strand over the middle strand. The middle strand should now be the left strand.
  3. Keep the hair tight by pulling the sections away from each other and hold the hair that you’ve already braided in your left hand. Use your right index finger to part your hair horizontally, just above your right ear, from your hairline back to the center of your head to form a new right strand.
  4. Incorporate this section into the original right section and cross the entire right section over the middle section. While holding the hair that you’ve just braided in your right hand, use your left index finger to horizontally separate the same section of hair as step 3 on your left side. Hold it tightly and incorporate it into the original left section. Cross the left section over the middle section.
  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with the next section of hair starting just below your right ear, and then with the section of hair starting just below your left ear.
  6. Begin a traditional braid by alternating the right section over the middle, the left over the middle, and the right back over the middle, etc., until only three inches are loose.
  7. Secure your hair with an elastic and spritz with hairspray.


Naturally Curly Hair

This is one of the most easiest styles to do, anyone can do it! Just a few steps to get the perfect curls :)


Things Needed:

- Towel

- Spray Bottle (water)

- Mousse


  1. Wash your hair the way you always do. Take a towel and just dry your hair, But it still should be damped. If not, take a spray bottle filled with water and spray your hair.
  2. Take your mousse and use your fingertips to fluff it around
  3. Spritz some hairspray, A small amout would be perfect!
  4. You can style it; Put it in a ponytail, pigtails, half up - half down!


A Bun (Cute!)

The simple bun is a favorite hairstyle among girls with long hair/short hair. It's surprisingly quick and easy!


Things needed:

- Brush (optional)

- Rubberbands

- Hairspray


  1. Pull your hair into a ponytail just below where you want your bun to be.
  2. Grab your hair about in the middle of your ponytail.
  3. Put your other hand around the very top of the ponytail.
  4. Twist your hair around itself until it gets to the end.
  5. Hold it there.
  6. Pull your elastic band around the middle of the ponytail once or twice depending on the stretchiness of the elastic.
  7. On the 2nd or 3rd time its been around, make sure you press against your head on the last time around to make sure you get all your hair.
  8. If you want it to stay there, hairspray it. Or, put hair wrap around it by pinning it to your hair.


Goddes Braids

You can do the Goddess braids with short hair, long hair, and medium hair! Its so cute and great for a casual/trendy outfit!


Things Needed:

- Rubberband

- Brush

- Comb


  1. Brush your hair so it can get smooth and to get the tangles out
  2. Take one small peice of hair on eaach side of your head
  3. Braid them; Then secure them with a rubberband
  4. Now take your bobby pin and secure them both together, If you don't have a bobby pin, A rubberband would do the work!

This is how long my hair was, Now its short because of my stupid hair stylist! 

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