How to Make a Locker Size Beauty Emergency Kit

There are lots of articles about how to make these kits, right? But they all seem too-large, to take with you to school! Here is how to make a smaller version of the kits.


Get a small box. It can be anything from a cell phone/camera box (nice and small), to a canvas or drawstring tote bag (a bit bigger). You can decorate your own canvas bag




Lip gloss. You will want a colored one and a sheer one, in yummy flavors.


Mascara and/or eyeliner. Just one bottle. Note: Replace every few months if you can.


Concealer and foundation. Just in case you hit the snooze alarm too late.


Money.From forgotten lunch money to buying something from the vending machine, money comes in handy!


Clear nail polish. This can be used for tons of things, like fixing tights or pantyhose, touching up nail shine, or sealing something closed.

Mini hairbrush. You never know! Wrap 3-4 ponytail holders around the handle, so you'll always have them.


Razor. Just in case you missed patch of hair on your legs!


Travel-size lotion. Clammy hands can split. Ew!


Travel-size deodorant. Gym class takes its toll on you!


Hand towel. Just in case you need to dry off!


Anything extra. Anything else, such as feminine supplies, tissues, bandages, pads, whatever else you want.


Change of clothes. You never know when you might forget gym clothes, spill something on you at lunch, or any other situation. Wrap them up super small so they will fit.




Put everything together in your bag, if you used one. If you have a box, put in dividers, or buy one already with pockets/dividers.


Place everything as you please.


Things You'll Need

  • Small box or bag
  • Desired makeup supplies

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    Masticating Juicer (Friday, 12 April 2013 11:31)

    This is a great post! Thank you for sharing with us!

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