How to Look Good in Middle School With a Uniform

Look Good in Middle School With a UniformUniforms can be hard to deal with, especially with the changing economy. In this article, you will learn how to look good, even in cheaper clothes. Now, let's get started.


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  • Before-school preparation is key. Be sure to have a curler or straightener, black or blonde hair ties, nice shoes, and makeup (just the basics). Take a shower about an hour before school, and then blow-dry your hair.
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    Put on makeup first. Put on concealer the same colour as, or slightly darker than, your face. Next, put on a thin line of eyeliner on the bottom of your eyelids and mascara on your lashes (bottom and top) After that, put on a light colour of blush and some clear lipgloss.
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    For your hair, I suggest doing something different every day of the week. For ponytails, brush it back so you don't see your part, then pull it in a high ponytail. Other days you can just let it hang naturally, curl it, or straighten it. Just make sure you don't use a bunch of product or do anything too fancy.
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    For clothes, wear the uniform. Try not to wear the same thing every day. The most important thing is to make sure your clothes fit.

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